Parking is both the first and last point of contact for visitors to the shopping centre. Its role is therefore essential in the overall perception of the point of sale: the car park gives the first impression and the last. We rely on our world-renowned expertise to design bespoke car parks which contribute to the quality of the customer experience.

Designing accessible and welcoming car parks with extra services

For shopping centre managers, we offer bespoke contracts with many features:, setting-up interactive information kiosks, recognition of customers by automatic reading of number plates, extending parking time by setting-up additional services (such as car washes or parcel handovers), developing payment facilities using specific cards for certain brands or even valet services. We also design premium zones with differentiated pricing areas to ensure vehicle rotation.

Developing the economic dynamics of shopping centres

To satisfy an ever more demanding clientele, we are committed to developing our activities in shopping centres, contributing to the loyalty process.

Therefore, we continue to develop promotions and offers in partnership with the brands, design commercial and advertising activities, and change our opening hours according to the activites carried out. In addition, we use indoor geolocation systems to allow the customer to be guided to their vehicle after their purchases.

Training qualified customer service teams

The employees are trained to answer all many requests from customers, to guarantee excellent customer service and to manage the busy period’s characteristic of shopping centre car parks. Pre-payment, reservation and bellhop services are available to customers.

In addition, thanks to our control and remote operation centre or our Connecpark™ service,   we offer a remote fleet management solution that enables assistance throughout the customer journey.


Remote operation and the Connecpark™ service

Based in our National Remote Operation and Assistance Centres, our team can offer help whenever needed, supporting the user’s journey through the car park thanks to an optimised remote operation system, available 24/7.

Parking in a shopping centre is not just a point of entry and exit for the consumer. t is a real engine that participates and fully integrates into the dynamics and commercial strategy of the space.

Fernando Stein, Indigo Brazil Manager

INDIGO Group wishes you all the best for 2024

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